Sunday, February 11, 2007

Back Home From Visiting My Daughter

I had a great visit with my daughter, Olivia and her two sons, Riley and
Craig. I arrived up at Mackay at 3.00pm on Saturday 3rd February, under
heavy overcast skies and drizzy rain. I picked up my hire car and headed
over to Olivia's house. Here is a extract from the local paper that greeted me.

I knew what sort of weather I was in for as I had been following the forecasts
prior to leaving Brisbane. A cyclone had formed off the top end of Queensland
and then a low pressure system was formed beyond the cyclone and was
heading south towards Mackay. There was a possibilty that this could also turn
into a cyclone. Fortunatly the low turned east and headed out into the Coral
Sea where it finally disappeared. Mind you this took a few days before all this
happened. We "braved" the weather and on Monday we drove down to one of
the local beach resorts.

Craig and Olivia.
................................................................"Dumped" by a wave.

Riley is a real dare devil. Not afraid of the waves, runs right into the surf
gets knocked by a wave, gets up and straight back into the surf. He had to
be watched all the time otherwise some of the undercurrents could easily
suck him back into deep water and into big trouble. Craig who is 15 months
younger than Riley is nowhere as daring and would only stay by either his
mother or my side, but get him into a "kiddies" pool and he becomes more

Craig jumping into Grandma's hands...............Riley in the pool.

It's at the children's playgrounds where the real "kid" emerges.

No way could we encourage Riley to get into the crocodile's mouth, even
though the big "kid" was inside. He was happy to sit on it's head with Olivia.
We had been at the beach for a few hours and driving to this playground Craig
had gone to sleep in the car, so we left him with his grandma to look after him.

Two of my favourite photos I took of the boys.

Riley on the slippery slide.....................and Craig at the beach.

..................................Wazza and daughter, Olivia.

......................."Poppy", Riley, Olivia and Craig.

Although the weather wasn't all that good, we managed to go out every
day to the beach, or the pool, or McYuuchs (McDonalds) or just for a
drive. Unfortunately we had to pass McDonald's every day when we
went out and Craig would see the sign and yell "we go to McOonals".
He didn't want the food only to go and get on the slides at the playground.
I said to my daughter on Thursday that the blue skies would return on
Saturday (when I was leaving), but no I was wrong the blue skies returned
on the Friday, so off to the beach we went again.

Olivia building sand castles for Craig. The last photo shows where Craig
has just stompled the sand castles, Riley had built, into oblivion.

.........................Last "cute" photo of Riley and Craig.

Although Craig is younger than Riley, he is the leader, Riley usually
follows doing what Craig starts and if sometimes Riley pushes/shoves
Craig then Craig doesn't stand back and take it, but he will push back.
They both seem to get on very well together and will play happily
together and very rarely do they argue over toys.
My daughter who is now a lone parent is doing a excellent job in
bringing up both boys in a caring and happy envirement.
After a enjoyable 8 days at Mackay, I boarded my plane on Saturday,
10th February and flew back home.
This post is now quite long with all the photos so I will do a shorter post
later, on the "history" of Mackay along with a few photos I took of the


Peter said...

Gee the boys have grown quickly Wazza, looks like a very good visit.

Raggedy said...

What a wondeful visit!
I loved all the pictures and you all look very happy. I am so glad you got to spend some time with them.
Your daughter is beautiful!
The boys are adorable!
Thank you for sharing.

Have a wonderful day!
(=':'=) hugs
(")_ (")Š from
the Cool Raggedy one

Hale McKay said...

Warren, I have taken the liberty to cite you and Peter as professors of Australian history and culture in my recent 2/12 post:
Bones of Contention .

It looks like a good time was had by all on your visit with your family - and what a handsome lot they are - you included.

Merle said...

Hi Warren ~~ Glad you had a good visit with your daughter and grandsons. Great photos of you all and glad the tornado didn't get you
and you are home safe and sound.
Look forward to seing more about
Mackay. Take care Warren, Refards, Merle.

Meow said...

Warren, you have a beautiful family. Thanks for sharing the gorgeous photos. Seems like you had a lovely time, and thank goodness the cyclone didn't eventuate !!
Glad you enjoyed my "Wash the cat" video ... it was very funny.
Take care, Meow

Lee said...

Great pics, Wazza...thanks for sharing your family with us. Lovely looking must be very proud of them. :)

I've visited Mackay many times over the years. When I was a kid my uncle and aunty lived at Slade Beach and then North Mackay. Then my brother lived there for many years, moving our mother and grandmother up there when he started having his family. They are both buried at the Garden Cemetery down of Harbour Road. Back in early 1998, I managed a motel there for a while before moving down to Gympie. Plus I had a fair bit to do with Mackay when I was living on Newry Island...I got all the island provisions from Mackay.

Jim said...

Hi Warren -- I'm glad you had a nice holiday with the family. That does the soul good.
And welcom back!
Happy Valentine's Day.

suz_e_que6 said...

onya Greenie. You even wear a green shirt !!! how's that for color/name co-ordination!!! Gee the boys have grown. I was surprised to see that 'grandma' has been left unscathed from a verbal Well, glad to hear you are back and you do seem to pick the brilliant weather don't you. Cyclones, floods, rain...hehehe

Lee said...

I meant to write in my previous comment..."The Hotel Whitsunday" is where my brother held his wedding reception.