Friday, March 21, 2008

HMAS Sydney Found After 67 Years

After 67 years the HMAS Sydney which was sunk with all hands
with a battle with the German Raider the "Kormoran" has finally
been found at a depth of 2468 metres (nearly 2.5 kilometers beneath the surface).

Peter and I drove around Australia in 2002, and on the 17th May, 2007
I did a post titled "Brisbane to Perth with Holtie" Part 8. In this post I
covered quite a lot of the action that took place during this encounter,
along with a number of photos I took at the memorial at Geraldton in
Western Australia.

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This article was in our local paper "The Courier Mail."
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Hopefully, this is the wreckage of the HMAS Sydney, as there is still some doubt that this is not the Sydney, but if it is then closure will be a blessing for those relatives who have wondered all these years about the whereabouts and outcome of the resting place of the HMAS Sydney.

The wreck of the Sydney will be protected under the 1976
Historic Shipwrecks Act and be treated as a War Grave.

They shall not grow old as we who are left grow old.
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning,


Jim said...

Hi Warren -- That was good! Those Germans did want the entire world, huh?
The blogger videos are pretty nice, did you put those last red words on yourself? I suppose I could look at the blogger pages and figure out what to do.
For me, making a YouTube and putting it on is pretty easy. Then too, I have an audience.
[I just looked at my Adi video, "Beagle blinking to Christmas tree lights . . . Adi Goes Wild" and saw that it has now had 3403 visits. I don't know where they all come from.]

I hope you had a happy Easter. Thank you for the rabbit and eggs.

Hale McKay said...


A belated Happy Easter to you.

Peter mentioned the Sydney in a post also. Will the discovery be televised and aired. I have seen Bob Ballard's films about the Titanic and many others. I find these shows fascinating.

LZ Blogger said...

Warren ~ I am glad that they passed that 1976 Historic Shipwrecks Act so that the Sydney will be treated as a War Grave. That is what the did with the USS Arizona in Pearl Harbor and then make it a National Memorial. ~ jb///