Sunday, March 11, 2007

Riverfestival,The Roulettes and F-111 Fighter Jets Over Brisbane

Riverfestival takes over Brisbane each September celebrating the people,
the culture and the environment.
Held over ten days in early September, a time of clear blue sunny skies
and cool nights, the festival utilises many of the city’s outdoor public spaces
close to the river.
The festival provides many free or low cost events.

In a spectacular display of choreographed colour and music the bridges,
rooftops and skies above city will light up the river for Brisbane's most
popular annual celebration.

The gravity defying Roulettes begins the festivities with a display of
aerodynamic precision.

I'm including the next two photos that was taken flying over the Gold Coast.
This is our version of Miami, in America, and shows the wide, long, white
beaches that stretch the 20 km from Southport in the north to Coolangatta
in the south.

Then at 7pm sharp electric skies erupt with a massive fireworks display.

For the Riverfire finale, an RAAF F-111 strike jet will sweep low over the city,
reaching speeds of up to 800kph before performing the crowd favourite
"dump and burn" display, where fuel is ejected from the tail, ignited and a
huge trail of fire follows the fighter.

You can see the fire trail created by the F-111 jet at the top of the photos.
The 1st photo there is only one jet, whereas in the 2nd photo there are two
fire trails created by two F-111's.


Jim said...

Hi Warren -- I'm so behind with my blogging that I will never catch up.
I just read your Regina saga, it was wonderful, yet sad. Keeping track of past female acquaintances is double hard because the ladies change their names when they marry (or divorce).
I keep track of only one of my former girl/lady friends. I did run into a brother of one at the Texas entry visitor center north of Dallas. He was from Nebraska.
Of course I know where my exwife is, a day's drive now. That is good, although she is the mother of four of my kids, we just don't have anything else in common anymore.

Which plane were you flying? Your beach looks really inviting. Was it a cold day, I didn't see anyone there?

Raggedy said...

Have a wonderful day!
(=':'=) hugs
(")_ (")Š from
the Cool Raggedy one

JunieRose2005 said...

Great pictures!

I enjoyed seeing these very much.


Margaret said...

Great photos Warren Jim stole my thunder, I was going to ask which plane were you flying?. Very interesting post about Regina, it does seem stange that is stopped so suddenly.
Cheers Margaret

Peter said...

Hey Buddy I hate to be the one to tell you but it's March... not September, why are you blogging about Riverfestival??

Lee said...

I love watching the Roulettes and the F1-11s. Great stuff. "Riverfire' before last I attended the wedding of a friend's daughter and the reception was held on a riverboat during the celebrations on the Saturday evening. It was quite spectacular. Great pics, Wazza. :)

lee said...

These are fantastic photos -I'm a sucker for fireworks photos -they are simply gorgeous.

Meow said...

Great post, Wazza !!
We had our Moomba festival this weekend, with parades, amusement rides, birdman rally, watersports, and fireworks. Spectacular.
Hope you are well.
Have a great week.
Take care, Meow