Friday, December 22, 2006

At Last the 2006 Christmas Card

Gidday folks, a number of fellow bloggers had requested that I
put forth this years Christmas card on my blog.
Since 1990 I have created my own Christmas card with moi in
the "starring"role, although in a lot of occasions it's difficult to
recognize me (which may not be a bad thing sometimes).
Should anybody wish to view all of my previous photos you will
find them on the 26th July post.
The first photo is the one I decided to use and I will also include
a few others that did not make the first place, but came close.
May I wish all fellow bloggers a
extremely Merry Christmas
a safe and healthy New Year.

This is the photo that came in first and was sent out to my usual bunch of
family and friends. I also work at the largest hospital in Brisbane, so I also
send a number of the Christmas cards to various departments in the hospital
plus to a number of companies that we order from. If I ever miss anybody
out I usually get a phone call after Christmas sternly asking "where's this years
Christmas card".

This one came a close second, but I decided against it as "I had gone to a lot
of trouble" to create the "redneck" look with the flannelete shirt which
didn't fix any longer, and the belly hanging out and the braces and none of
this could be seen (mind you part of this reasoning wasn't shown in the photo
I finally decided to use).

I didn't use this photo which had everything showing except the green gum I
had to use to keep the teeth in place could be seen. My photographer said that
she couldn't see the gum when she took the photos but after I had downloaded
the photos it was obvious the gum was in "plain sight".

I liked this photo, but again the gum was in plain sight.

This photo came real close to being used except you couldn't see the teeth
all that well, like you could in the photo I finally used.


Margaret said...

Hya Chad, thanks for the emails, have not the chance to reply as yet, due to ISP failure. Have a very Happy Christmas and a great New Year.
Cheers Margaret

Crazedmomof4 said...

I love all the pics! They are great for a redneck Christmas!

I hope you have a great Christmas & a Happy New Year!

Peter said...

Didn't you get a back of the head one taken?? would have been the obvious choice.

(Ol' friend ol' buddy ol' pal)

Lee said...

You're a bloody character, Wazza! lol

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year...from all appearances, it looks like you will! ;)

Hale McKay said...

Ho-Ho-Ho - those are sure some Merry pictures!

suz_e_que6 said...

Oh for Christ sake! not only do i have to endure the pics at work and sometimes even help pick out what the pic will be on the next Christmas Card, but i have a look at your site and find more bloody, nice work Chad!!! what about the goulish santa we had?? how about some of the old ones just to scare the other punters huh!