Thursday, July 13, 2006

Samantha Sang

Samantha Sang was big during the 70's when disco
music was all the rage.

I first heard of her when the song "Emotion" hit,
#1 in Australia and I fell in "love" with her voice
and music.

Samantha Sang was born in Melbourne, Australia
where her father ran a singing school.
She became hooked on music by the age of eight,
and sang on the radio as "Cheryl Gray."

Her father, a vocalist, was known as "Reg Gray"
professionally, because he thought his real last
name, Sang, sounded "too stagy.”

In 1977, she heard that Barry Gibb was back in
Paris. "We were in the middle of the Saturday
Night Fever soundtrack," he recalled.
"She flew in with her manager, not to my
knowledge, confronted me, and said, 'Would you
write me a song? 'I said, 'Great, would love to,
but that's as far as it can go.

Six months later, she rang up and said nobody
would produce the song, because it was so Bee
Gees influenced. We should produce it, and
nobody else. So I said, 'let’s see if we can fit
it in.'
She came to Miami for a week, we cut it, and
that was it.

The Bee Gees wrote "Emotion" in about an hour.
"Emotion" was produced as a duet, with Barry
and Samantha each singing eight harmonies.

Their voices blended so well that critics called
her "the female Bee Gee". In 1978, her single
Emotion, written by Barry and Robin Gibb was a
world wide smash hitting No 1 in numerous
countries and selling over 6 million singles.

Subsequently, her album Emotion that featured
the single also sold 4 million copies.
Appearances on The Johnny Carson Show, The
Merv Griffin Show, The Dinah Shore Show and
American Bandstand soon followed.

She now resides in Melbourne, Australia and is
preparing to release a number of her albums.

I have all of her records and have since bought
her double CD album online.

Should you wish to have a listen to "Emotion" go
and cut and paste this into Google
Bee Gees - Emotion, Samantha Sang Free Mp3
and then click on - Free Music Downloads mp3
lyricsand more

Determined to succeed on her own merits, she
would not record another Gibb song to capitalize
on her success, and chose a disco song,"You Keep
Me Dancing"as her next single release.

The song did not become a hit, and her career
faltered. In 2004 Samantha Sang announced that
she would return to live performing, and that her
three albums would be released for the first time
on CD.

One of my all time favourite singers.


Peter said...

That's good Warren, but if you look at the post below it the lines of text are a lot longer.

Merle said...

Gidday Warren ~~ It looks fine to me
and was an interesting post. I did not
know all that, just that she was an Aussie. You do not have to post daily
just when you feel like it. I know you still have to go to work. A lot of us don't. Take care, regards, Merle.

Abandoned in Pasadena said...

That is one of my favorite Bee Gees songs and I didn't realize that Samantha Sang was singing in it.

It's nice to learn something new about my favorite artists. Now when I listen to it, I'll know her name and where she's from.

Lovely post and don't pay attention to Peter (hehehe)...Your post looks very interesting with different size makes it more readable.
I can't control anything on my blog, it always looks the same except for boldness & italics.

Meow said...

How interesting. I have always enjoyed Samantha Sang's singing .. she has a gorgeous voice.
Looks like you are going gung-ho with your blogging ... it's a lot of fun, isn't it ???
Take care, and have a wonderful weekend ... Meow

Jim said...

I was too old for the Bee Gees, so I didn't know if they had a female vocal voice or not.
Thanks for letting us know about Samantha Sang.
I'll listen more closely, but if my Classic Rock station plays the Bee GeesI don't recognize them.

Raggedy said...

Have a wonderful day!
(=':'=) meow hugs
(")_ (")Š from da Raggedy one